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My First Motocross race. Speedworld, Beat the Heat series, 8-12-06

I raced in the AMX beat the heat series at speedworld on saturday. This was my first race ever and it was a lot of fun and the place was packed. There were so many people in the beginner quad class we had our own moto, I heard there were 24 quads entered so we had a full line at the starting gate.

In the first moto I was 8th out of the gate and 5th after the 1st hairpin. I was able to work up to 2nd place and the whole last lap I took it easy because I thought I was in 1st. Little did I know a kid had already finished well ahead of me, so i got 2nd place. 2nd race I was 2nd out of the gate and 2 people passed me on the first lap. I was stuck in 4th for the whole race although I was right on the bumper of the guy ahead of me the entire time and each lap I had a place to pass but he was riding all over the place, changing lines right before jumps etc. So I just held back instead of spinning him out. I ended up with a 3rd place trophy (they average your two finishing positions)

I have video of the whole 2nd race that is pretty cool.

Oh yeah on the way home I raced my friends 2003 Dodge Hemi quad cab, 4x4. From a dig I pulled him by about 2 trucks and there was so much diesel smoke I could barely see his headlights. From a 60 roll we were dead nuts even until about 85 and I put about 2 feet on him. Oh yeah, I had my quad and gear in the truck. I still don't even have an exhuast yet and I haven't used the highest setting on the chip.

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