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Whiplash 2007 Race #3, Firebird Raceway 4-30-07

Wow, what a crazy weekend. 1st off they decided to add certain classes to the "pro" race on saturday but I had a helluva time finding someone who could tell me which class was racing in which heat. I finally found out that the 300's (me) were going in the Pro HEAT. I was in the very last row which was about row 6 or 7. After they started the race the 2nd time there were still a few tie ups which delayed the start for some of the rows. So by the time they wanted to start row 5 they had to wait for the people on the course to pass by, then wait for a gap and then start row 5. Then we had to wait another minute before my row was able to leave. So I might be wrong but I am automatically 1 lap down, behind people in my own class. And since they stop the race for everyone at the same time there is no possible way I could have finished in the top 10 (unless I somehow catch up to the people who started a lap-1.5 laps ahead). Of course correct me if I am wrong.

While we were waiting for the first heat to finish up I was lined up next to Jacob quad #302. We talked and had a good time and he met my dad. During the 2nd heat my dad was volunteering as a flag man in the hell corner where everyone was wrecking. Somehow Jacob lost control of his quad in the middle of the race and it broadsided my dad and he flipped in the air and bonked his head. I came around and saw someone with a red shirt possibly laying down, I figured it was my dad helping an injured rider. I came around again and I still couldn't tell if it was him. Then 3rd time around I saw it was definitely him and he was on a backboard. The race was nearly over so I finished up 1 or two laps then ran over to see what the hell was going on. My dad was awake but he was bloodied. They took him to the county ER near downtown and we were there for 7 hours. I think it was the footpeg that gashed his arm to the bone so he got a slew of stitches there and some on his wrist and his legs are all bruised up. He also tore up the cartilage in his ribs but nothing was broken! He was back at the track sunday, (not being a flag person) It was really weird that a guy I just met and became friends with was the one who had the accident.

I was worried the short course was going to be boring but the course was really enjoyable. I am disappointed that I only got 18th place, my worst finish ever but it was still fun. I hope they can sort out the scoring issues on the next short course.

Day 2 they started all of the 300's at the same time and I got stuck behind a guy who's quad died on the line so I was nearly last going into the 1st corner. I worked my way up to about 10th then somebody on a white quad pushed me over the embankement before the whoops. I caught back up and tried to pass him after the whoops and I ended up doing a 360 or 540 on the asphalt, yes that was my stupid ass spinning out in Heat 2. LMAO :) I shouldn't have let my emotions get to me. I think I ended up in maybe 12th place. So finishing-wise it was a crappy weekend for me. But it was still a good time and I am glad my dad is ok. I also saw Kyle Pethers sunday, I believe he is the person who wrecked badly in the saturday pro race and he was doing fine sunday. Unbelievable, he must be made out of rubber or something.

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