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Whiplash 2008, Race #8 Firebird #2 Firebird 2008

The 2nd to last race of the season was at Firebird Saturday and Sunday. I am still 2nd in points and I was looking forward to seeing how hard I could ride for 50 minutes. The race was 45 minutes plus 1 lap. The course was smooth and fast and not technical in the least. It was a very nice truck/buggy course and a fairly boring motorcycle/quad track.

I started on the 2nd row for my class but they started both rows together. After turn one I was in 3rd ( I thought I was in 2nd, the guy in 1st was just that fast). I held onto 3rd for about 10 laps then got passed by the kid who I passed on the last lap at ft mcdowell. I figured he would fade again and I could catch him later. So I was in 4th at this point and I was pacing #4, the number one senior pro guy. I paced him for quite a while then passed him. I also passed a bunch of other pros and all the senior pros so I felt I was moving good. I went as hard as I could the entire 45 minutes, I didn’t take any mental breaks and it was pretty exhausting. Towards the end I was catching the guys ahead of me but I ran out of time and got 4th. The guy ahead of me in points got 5th, damn it. And the guy right behind me in points got 3rd so now he is 1 point behind me and I am 11 points behind first.

I need to win the final race and I need the leader to get 4th and I can get the championship. It is completely possible because I have yet to lose to the points leader since joining this class.

The guy who won my class also got 3rd overall. He was very fast and is moving to Pro next year.






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