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Whiplash 2008, Race #2 Ft McDowell April 2008

I was looking forward to this race because I wanted to see if my performance at vulture mine was a fluke or not. First off the registration went much better. They finally made it so that you check in, sign the waiver and get your wristband all in one line so that was cool. Saturday after watching the UTV race I was excited to get out and check the track out. The poker run was fun but I was disappointed by the number of hairpins and most of the jumps had turns in them so I was unsure how I would do in the race. The track was very challenging.

There were about 11 Open Amateur and I started in the first row for our class which was the 2nd to last row of the heat. I was side by side with Ty going into turn one and I gave him the line and followed him for lap 1. We caught up to some 500's and I decided to go wide and try to pass some people at the hairpin before the rock garden and unfortunately somebody rolled in front of me, I tried to go around but the guy's body landed right in front of me. Luckily he was fine, I didn't hit him and he jumped up quickly. I lost a few position there but I was able to make it all up in the next lap. I was behind Ty again who was in 1st for our class when something happened to his quad in the wash. I passed by and didn't see him again.

I led the class for the rest of the race despite massive armpump and hand fatigue. My pit let me know that 2nd place was 45-60 seconds behind me the entire way. I tried to finish strong but the guy behind me didn't fade at all and he is only 12 years old! I can't remember his name but man he is going to be a monster in a few years. I ended up passing a lot of the 100's so I have a feeling I will be moving up to expert next race. It was great to get my 2nd win, funny that both wins are at the same track and I don't particularly like the track either.

It looks like I would have gotten 2nd in the expert class.

Thank to adam again for all the help and support. The baby was there and she slept through everything.
Thanks to paul for the powdercoating.

Here is the GPS log thingie: Looks like my heart rate was 170-175 the whole race.






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