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Whiplash 2007 Race #2, Page 3-26-07

Page is really a nice place and the scenery / weather could not be any better. But I personally can not stand a course with that many giant whoops, when it is that whooped out it takes out a lot of the fun for me. I am probably just a giant pansy but that is my impression.

I started out at the tail end of the 300's, I think 3rd from last. I worked my way up to 7th going into the 4th lap but I really wasn't that into it, the non stop sections of huge whoops was very draining. On lap 4 at the top of the hill #28, Kyle from the Pro class passed me. Once that happened I knew this would be my last lap so I started pushing harder and I passed a few more people. I believe I ended up in 5th place, I left before the results were final because I wanted to get my POS car home because it was giving me troubles all weekend.

Everyone was talking about areas where people were cutting the course big time. I know the sweep riders were saying that people were taking the cut lines so much that it looked like part of the course. They also docked quite a few riders for cutting but I never saw the cut lines, does anyone remember where they were?

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