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Whiplash 2008, Race #1 Vulture Mine 100- 3-1-08

Going into this race I was really concerned with how I was going to do because the last 2 rides I had been on my hands hurt so bad it was ridiculous and my thumb swelled up to cartoonish propotions.

I went to a physical therapist with no results and then to a hand sports medicine specialist and had some x-rays that turned up nothing and an MRI last week that I won't get the results for until this week. Anyway I used some of this nerve killing creme that my dad has for his neuropathy disease and apparently it worked great because for the first time in my life I had a pain free race. I am also in decent shape now so I was able to go full tilt the entire race with no pain and little fatigue.

I started on the front row of my class (hey first time for everything) and I got the holeshot and never looked back. I passed a lot of guys from other classes on the first lap, most of them were courteous and others were either A. not courteous or B. legally deaf. :) On lap 2 I came up to John Baj #200 and I knew that was odd; either I was going really fast or he was having some problems, probably a little of both. When I came in for gas on lap 2 my pit told me I was a few minutes ahead of my class. On lap 3 I let it all out and I was really pushing hard when around mile 18 the motor sputtered and quit, I looked down and my leg/quad was covered in oil. I tried to restart it but it was dead. Looks like all the oil came out of the crankcase breather so my guess is the piston has a window in it. It was 8 minutes before the 2nd place guy in my class came through. I was really disappointed but I was also happy to have my first really good ride with no pain. I hope this keeps up.

Had the motor not blown I would have won my class by 7 minutes and taken 8th overall out of 100, I would have been mid pack in the pros, yikes. wouldacouldashoulda

Unfortunately I had to sit in the desert for several hours, I didn't get back to camp until 4:30 which really sucked but I did manage to find a small deer antler and an old small game trap. LMAO. It also looks like the ridiculously stupid AC Racing number plate / brake light holder has claimed another victim. Somewhere on the 2nd lap my entire assembly came off. I won't be using their retarded bracket anymore.

I went to the dr. at lunch time and my MRI came back normal. There is a small fracture at the base of the 4th metacarpal but it is unrelated. The dr. had nothing to say but he did write me a prescription for the same miracle cream that I got from my dad. Hopefully it works again.

All rights reserved copyright © 2008, race photos by DGP Photography and Lagrand Studios
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