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Kendall Racing ATV weigh-in table Share

I wanted to start compiling a list of actual, race ready ATV weights because magazines rarely do this and manufacturer's weights don't mean much since they are normally dry weights without any accessories that most racers have.  I couldn't afford to get a nice set of connected digital scales that road racers use for setting up a chassis so I just used analog bathroom scales I got from goodwill which were accurate. 
I am not claiming these weights are 100% right but the value of quad 1 vs the value of quad 2 on my scales should be a valid comparison.

2005 Honda TRX450R 86 Honda 250R 2008 Raptor 700R 2007 Yamaha Raptor 700 Big Bang Desert Racing
Stock with nerfbars and heelguards. Exhaust, bumpers, billett accessories, 22" rear tires, 23" fronts, beadlocks. Nerfbar/heelguard combo, bumpers. Vegas to Reno winning desert quad.
Built Engine, IMS heel guards, nerfs and pegs, skidplates, LSR +2 A-arms, PEP shocks, desert seat, beadlocks, 20/21" tires, FASST bars, gussetted frame, +3 stem, stabilizer, fullboreplastics
389 lbs 372 473 509
2009 Honda 700XX 2009 Honda 700XX Modified 2007 YFZ450 05 Honda 450R
Stock nerfs, pegs, barker exhaust, teixeira upper a-arms, Fox shocks, FASST bars Sand tires and wheels, nerf bars, rest stock. KendallRace.com old race quad, nerfs, heelguards, pegs, skidplates, FASST bars, LSR stem, LSR gussetted frame, LSR +2 axle, JD +2 a-arms, stock revalved shocks, GT thunder rear linkage, 20" rear tires, 21" front
498 lbs 519 lbs 399 432
X-Travel Honda Desert Chassis 2006 Honda TRX450R Desert Racer 2008 Yamaha R6 motorcycle  
100% custom chrome moly chassis, custom no link swing-arm, a-arms, 16" + inches of wheel travel, 23" front tires, 22" rears, Douglas yellow labels, 05 Honda 450R engine, IMS pegs and heel guards, desert tank. Kendallrace.com race quad, custom LSR chrome moly chassis made from thicker tubing, skidplates, nerfs, custom heel guards, stock swinger, teixeira tech linkage, Motowoz LT shocks, JD +2 a-arms, LSR stem, LSR +2 axle, FASST bars, 22" front tires, 23" rears, Hiper beadlocks front, Douglas yellow labels rear, desert seat, oil cooler, bigger radiator, laker plastics, desert tank, oversize battery Stock  
439lbs 453, Desert Tires 23/22"

443, smaller new GP tires, 20" rear, 21" front, Dunlop Quadmax Sport, stock wheels

While we were mounting our wheels and Hiper Pro Fills I weighed a few more things on some shipping scales. 
Yamaha Dual Beadlock rear Hiper wheel: 7.05 lbs
Yamaha ITP Billet beadlock wheel: 5.35 no beadlock ring, 6.30 with beadlock ring and bolts
Bare ITP Holeshot HD XCT 22x11x9" tire: 19.65
Yamaha rear hiper wheel with pro fills and XCT tire from above: 28.00
All rights reserved copyright © 2008, race photos by DGP Photography and Lagrand Studios
Contact: Trent Kendall: trelken at gmail.com