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Kendall Racing Tire weights and diameters Share

I am running the new Goldspeed 8 ply desert tires for 2016 so I compiled so weights and heights for a bunch of tires.  You might find this useful.
I didn't have access to shipping scales for most of these so I used a digital bathroom scale. To measure height I first measured the roll out of the tire at normal pressure on the quad, then divide by 3.14 to get diameter.

These new GPS Gravity tires from Goldspeed are heavier than a typical 6 ply tire see below (2 pounds per front tire and 1.5 pounds per rear). They are a little stiffer but no where near as stiff as the insane DWT run flats. The Gravity 848 front has the same tread pattern as the Maxxis Razr 2.  The Gravity 857 rear has a unique tread pattern and deep lugs. They also have the 827 rear which is a Razr II look-a-like.  I hope these tires cut down on the punctures we get in a year.  For local stuff I average only 1-2 punctures per year but for Vegas To Reno we average 3-8 punctures per year!!


GPS Gravity front Tire     GPS Gravity rear tire 
Description Weight Diameter
Goldspeed GPS Gravity 848 23x7x10 8 ply! 15.6 21.94
Goldspeed GPS Gravity 857 22x11x9 8 ply 19 21.58
GPS Gravity rear tire on 9x9 Goldspeed dual beadlock wheel 27.4  
GPS Gravity front on single beadlock Goldspeed wheel 22  
Used Maxxis razr 2, 23x7x10 12.6  
GBC 23x7x10 on Hiper beadlock 18.4 22.11
GBC 22x11x9 rear on Hiper dual beadlock 9x9 26  
GBC 22x11x9 on DWT ultimate beadlock with tireballs 29.6  
GBC 23x7x10 on Goldspeed single beadlock 24  
GBC 22x11x9 on Goldspeed dual beadlock 26  
ITP billet C2 front wheel with used Maxxis razr2 19.2 21.81
DWT XC V3 Run Flat, 12 ply, rock hard, lasts forever but very stiff. 23x7x10 24 21.9
DWT XC V3 Run Flat, 12 ply, rock hard, lasts forever but very stiff. 22x11x9 28  
Hiper dual beadlock 9x9 rear wheel 7.05  
Bare ITP Holeshot HD XCT 22x11x9" tire 19.65  
Rear hiper wheel with pro fills and XCT tire from above 28.00  
Yamaha ITP Billet beadlock wheel 6.30  
More diameters i took over the years.    
Maxxis Razr 2 23x7x10:    21.66, 21.33, 21.80, 21.90, 22.77, 22.93
Razr 2 22x11x9:   21.66, 21.98, 22.6
Regular Razr 22x11x9:   22.10, 21.94
Kenda Kutter 2, 21x7x10   20.32
Kenda Kutter 2, 20x11x9   20.62, 20.32
Kenda Kutter, 22x7x10   22.37
GBC XC Master 22x11x9   21.26, 22.10
Kenda Klaw 22x11x9   22.06

All rights reserved copyright © 2008, race photos by DGP Photography and Lagrand Studios
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