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Feb 2010, Big Battery Install

My quad doesn't start unless the engine is cranking at a high rpm.  The stock battery was having a hard time keeping up and I run big HID's in the desert so I thought it was time for an upgrade.  There are companies that offer extra batter mounts built into big airboxes but I didn't want to run a smaller air filter.  I searched all the big quad forums looking for people who have done the larger YTZ10S battery swap but I couldn't find any answers.  The stock battery is the YTZ7S, it has 130CCA.  The YTZ10S has 190CCA.  I went to Interstate batteries to look at their batteries, they sell YUASA's which are the factory brand and highly rated and quite expensive.  I ended up going with the YTZ14S which is the same size as the 10S but about 1/2" taller and it sports 230CCA.  It was only about $8 difference so what the hell. 

I found a fabrication shop in Phoenix called The Future Fab, after checking out their website and the quality of their welds in person I decided to try them out.  I gave them the battery and told them to make it fit in the stock location with a new tie down strap.  I also had them repair and gusset my heel guards that were cracked.  Their turn aroudn time was awesome and everything turned out great.   You have to make the battery tray a little wider and build a new tie down.  You also have to extend the positive battery cable since the battery has reversed terminals compared to stock. If you are in Phoenix and need some fabrication done call John- 602-738-2593

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