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Trophy Quad Compliation Page Share

Trophy Quad-  My definition is: A quad that has an awesome suspension with lots of wheel travel and big horsepower.  Something like this would dominate in the SCORE and BITD series (as Greg Stuart and Nic Granlund have proven in BITD).  There are quite a few sections where if you had the horsepower you could hit well over 100mph and with a badass suspension you could fly through the whoops in San Felipe.  I starting compling this list in early 2010 based on old threads I was able to find on race dezert and from people like Ed Teixeira.

This page has a compliation of quads with wild and wacky ideas for getting big wheel travel.

Stock Honda TRX450R Travel: 8.4" Front / 9.3" Rear


WARP Off Road, Wraith 1000, combining big wheel travel with big reliable horsepower.  Available now through WARP.
For full details and videos go to WARP Off Road's website here.  www.warpoffroad.com



Ed Teixeira Tech Hybrid, 2006, Currently building sweet a-rms and linkages
14.5" Front / 15.5 Rear Wheel Travel, actual numbers from Ed.
PDF Article from ATV Sport Magazine

tex_1.jpg tex_2.jpg tex_3.jpg tex_4.jpg tex_5.jpg tex_6.jpg
Dean Sundahl Racing Products, from 2006, Currently MIA
16" Front / 17" Rear travel on the 450R chassis
"For $6,000 You get our custom spindles, X-arms upper, and lower, the entire chromoly frame, a swingarm, heim joints, Tie-rods, and we modify your stock honda steering stem so that we can eliminate bump steer! For race setup $7500 you get all mentioned and a chrmoly sub frame, and axle."
SRP_10.jpg SRP_2.jpg SRP_3.jpg
SRP_4.jpg SRP_7.jpg SRP_8.jpg  
Greg Stuart, Laeger/Skat Trax Custom Honda Hybrid.  BITD Champions, still competing and kicking ass.
13.5" wheel travel front and rear (numbers taken from dirt wheels article)
Dirt Wheels Article
stuart.jpg stuart3.jpg stuart4.jpg stuart5.jpg stuart6.jpg

For product ordering information contact James here.  I made contact with this company in 2011 and became friends with the owner.  I was able to race an X travel frame at the Parker 250 and I was impressed.  You can read about it here.

XT_1.gif XT_2.gif XT_3.gif      
XT_4.gif XT_5.gif XT_6.gif XT_7.gif XT_8.gif  
Bunderson Racing (XR's Only) Trophy Quad  Article from Off-road.com Trailing Arm Setup
From 2002.  17" of travel at all 4 corners.
Bunderson Racing 250R, owned by "fearlessfred" on exriders.com  Thread here.



"Danny Ledezma Fabrication" from Race Dezert forums, from 2007 currently MIA
17" Front wheel travel on white YFZ?
Shocks are Fox 2.0 with 8.5" shaft (Extended Length: 23.35" Collapsed Length: 14.85")
SoCal Fabshop has a set of Raptors that are long travel and have rear steering, they managed to get 14" of wheel travel, not 16.
DL_1.jpg DL_10.jpg DL_11.jpg DL_12.jpg DL_13.jpg DL_2.jpg
DL_3.jpg DL_4.jpg DL_5.jpg DL_6.jpg DL_7.jpg DL_8.jpg

Other Random Long Travel setups.
"LewJunior" 2007,

random_1.jpg random_2.jpg random_3.jpg random_4.jpg random_5.jpg  
random_6.jpg random_7.jpg random_8.jpg random_9.jpg raptor frame fix.jpg

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