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Lone Star Racing Chrome Moly Race Frame Information

I have adapted a 2005 geometry LSR race frame to work with all 2006 parts.  That didn't go so well so I then had a 2006+ geometry frame built for me by Lone Star Racing.  You can jump straight down to the 2005 geometry frame info here.

The 2006 geometry frame was custom built by Lone Star Racing. Since I had already broken one of their race frames they built the new frame using thicker chrome moly tubing and added a few more gussets.  Once I received the frame I weighed them all on my bathroom scale.
Stock non gussetted frame 31 Pounds
2005 Geometry LSR Race frame 37 Pounds (with pro peg mounts)
Custom 2006 Geometry LSR Race Frame 41 pounds (with pro peg mounts)

Here are some photos comparing the frames.  The red one is the 2005 geometry frame.  You will notice changes in the engine mounting tabs and other more minor variations.
Mounting the 2006 engine into the 2006 Frame was obviously a lot easier.  No modifications were required to the spacers.  I did still have to drill into the frame to mount the headlight and CDI.  Everything else was the same as using a stock frame.


Update April 2009: I have been breaking swing arm pivot bolts quite often.  I also cracked the frame in the typical spot near where the kickstarter would be.  The frame was repaired for free and then a week later I completely broke the cross bar where the top rear shock mounts.  This would not be covered by warranty.  Some people say the breakage was due to my rear shock bottoming out.  I think it might be partially caused by poor alignment of the engine in the frame (that would explain the pivot bolts)  After some debate I decide to have Lone Star Racing build me a new chrome moly race frame with 2006 geometry.  I hope this will cure the engine alignment issue since I can go back to stock engine mounts and spacers.  Fixing the old frame would cost around $400 and I wouldn't be sure it won't happen again and my old stock 06 frame has too many cracks so it isn't worth gussetting.  These frames retail for $2300 and I am having trouble selling my broken one for $250 so that sucks.  On the plus side they are building the new frame out of heavier gauge steel and it will have more gussets than a normal race frame so I hope it lasts forever and a day.

Broken frame and stock frame vs race frame:


Sept 2008: The 2005 Geometry Lone Star Racing chrome moly race frame

During the rainy, muddy, Snowflake race in 2008 just about everything on my quad broke or blew up.  The stock bearing carrier in the rear was thrashed, the transmission was broken, the engine was seized and I found a few more cracks in the frame including spots that had already been repaired.  Rather than attempt to repair my frame again I decided to purchase a LSR race frame from Jeremy at
www.arizonaquads.com  This decision would prove to be a mistake but we got through it. I didn't do enough research on the frame prior to purchasing it mainly because not many people know much about these frames including LSR themselves.  These frames are built around 2005 Honda TRX450R geometry and this posed quite a few issues.  The frame is also built around the 2005 engine mounts and the frame is narrower where the steering stem mounts.  Here is what I posted on TRX450r.org after the lengthy install.

1. The engine mount tabs on the frame are closer together so all of the spacers and bolts from the 06 frame/engine need to be shortened. I think we took 5/8" off the front spacers, 1/2" off the bottom middle spacers and 1/4" off the top middle spacers. These measurements aren't exact, i am just going off memory.

2. The frame is narrower where the precision stabilizer mounts. I had to grind on the stabilizer brackets to get it to fit, also had to dimple the frame to get the bolts to fit.

3. Foot brake lever spring tab is in a different postion. Looks like the 06 spring will work but it looks kinda hokey.

4. Frame is narrower where the aftermarket oil cooler mounts. Had to modify the mounts a little bit.

5. Only one bolt hole on top of the front shock mount for the front fender brackets. used some self tappers to fix that.

6. No bolt holes on front crossbar for 06 headlight and electronics. Used self tappers here too.

7. With the tie rods threaded all the way in I still have way too much toe in. Will need to shorten the tie rods by xx amount or buy shorter tie rods.

8. I am running +1" tie rods from JD Performance instead of the +2" that goes with these a-arms. The +2" were too long and I couldn't set the toe correctly.

9. The top engine mount has to be cut and modified quite a bit in order to line up with the head.

10. The plastic tray that sits on the frame above the engine has to be cut in various places in order to work.

11. You need to build some custom spacers for the bottom of the steering stem. My JD performance steering stem sticks out through the bottom of the frame by about 1/4". You need to take up this space with some fat washers othewise the stem will move up and down even after it is tightened.

12. With an 06 subframe the carb is about 1/2" from the air snorkel. I used some aluminum pipe and a silicone hose to take up this gap.

13. The exhaust doesn't slide together as fully as it used to due to the subframe being longer or the mounts being in a different location. It still functions without leaks.

starting point Front end of the frame with 06 JD +2 LT a-arms trying to get the engine in
working   oil cooler and front engine mount
steering stabilizer, notice how close the bolts are to the frame. they wouldn't go through at all before the BFH was used close to running with all new rear end stuff
front headlight mount and fender mount screw location rear brake lever spring trying to set alignment

Pro Peg nerfbars and Heel guards

As you can see the LSR race frame has tubes built into the frame where a set of "pro peg" style nerf bars slides onto.  The footpeg no longer bolts onto the frame.  THe frame I bought came with Pro Armor pro peg nerfs that fit great but they do not offer heel guards.  IMS/Roll doesn't offer a pro peg type nerfbar and I really need heel guards so I had my old IMS heel guards grafted onto the Pro Armor nerfs by Dave at Fast Track Performance in Mesa.  I also had a tab welded on the frame to hold the stupid right side plastics on. He did a great job. 1734 E Main St # 9 Mesa, AZ 85203 (480) 649-1093



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