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FOR SALE.  The KMS Performance Raptor 727 for 2012 Pro Desert ATV racing


Pro Desert 2007 Raptor 700 for sale 
New Images added, these show exactly how the quad will be sold.

New baby forces sale.  This beast has 1 desert race on it and one GP race after I spent a lot of time and money building it.  Our team won the 2010 Vegas to Reno expert class on this quad and placed in the top 6 in the pro class in 2012.  It is also featured in ATV magazine advertising right now for Wolfsnout.  I purchased this quad in Nov of 2011 from my team mate and I quickly went to work prepping it to win the 2012 Best In the Desert Championship.  No expense was spared.  We were in 3rd in the Pro class at the Parker 250 when the engine case cracked at mile 38.  Kelly at KMS replaced the engine cases and added a gusset kit and then we did one 40 mile warm up race in Tucson leading up to the 550 mile Vegas to Reno race.  We finished 6th at vegas to reno in the Pro class.  We had some downtime replacing fuel tank bolts and fixing the light rack.  We had the most powerful and fastest pro quad out there, other teams knew how much power we had and the engine proved it can survive long races.  101mph on asphalt during Henderson 250 race. 96mph on loose dirt during race.

This is a very well sorted pro level quad, it is very fast, has excellent range, handles good and stops good.  Shortly after the 2012 Vegas to Reno race I broke my wrist so I was unable to ride for a few months.  I still prepped this quad in hopes of using it at the Parker 250 but my wrist wasn't healed in time .  So here the quad sits, fully prepped and ready to ride.  It has 0 hours on it since being serviced. Clean title in hand.  I am selling it with all the spare parts I have for it which you need to have a successful race program, you gotta be prepared for anything.

Here is a breakdown of what was done and how much time is on each part. The stuff I paid for has the price I paid.

KMS 727cc custom engine Build.  Huge head stud kit, KMS head porting, KMS cams, KMS spec clutch, KMS piston, Gussetted cases.  This engine was built by Kelly to prove that his builds can survive real desert racing.  71-78 rwhp depending on compression ratio.

$$$$ 1 race (vegas to reno)
Dynojet power commander 3 with KMS tune $$  
Custom chrome moly mid frame by Metal Tech $500 1 season
PEP pro shocks, revalved and resprung by Wayne at PEP.  I have the full spec sheets from PEP.  Setup for 200-220# rider $1100 just for the valving and servicing 2 races
Lonestar racing DC4 A-arms, 1 is new   2 races
5 gallon aluminum fuel tank by metal tech with IMS dry break and custom KMS fuel system with external pump, regulator and 2 external filters.  Fully stress tested and it works awesome.  Took us 2 years to get here.  Custom metal shrowd for fuel pump. $2000 2 races
Spare fuel pump and filter, we never needed it but you need spares for long expensive races. $180  
Custom KMS intake with FCI airbox.  KMS ported throttle body. $250 1 season
new aftermarket radiator $460 2 races
new DMC dual exhaust $800 2 races
Pro armor radiator guard $60 2 races
Powdercoat mid frame and bumpers $180 2 races
Replace all ball joints $120 2 races
replace all heim joints $125 2 races
powermadd handguards (your choice of black/grey or lime green)    
new fan wiring and relay $40 2 races
rebuild bearing carrier, pivot works bearings $55 1 race
rebuilt steering stem bushings $30 2 races
rebuild precision steering stabilizer, new arms, seals and bushings $75 2 races
new quadtech seat foam and cover and base $235 2 races
built alunimum box to hold all electronics under the seat    
lightweight li-ion battery, this thing puts out a lot of juice, weighs about 1 pound. $250 2 races
new TM Design chain guides and rollers $80 2 races
new pivot works wheel bearings $50 2 races
all new brake pads and rear brake rotor from streamline $95 2 races
DID ERV3 chain, no master link, steel sprockets.  This is the unbreakable setup the Honda pro teams have used for years. $210 2 races
LSR stainless steel rotor guard $30 1 season
3 new K&N air filters 120 New in box
Flexx bars $320 1 season
pro motion twist throttle    
Aluminum body skid plates, one has mounting nuts welded to it, making installation 10x easier.  KMS did this.    
LSR steering stem and barclamp   2 seasons
LSR axle   2 seasons
LSR stainless steel swing arm skidplate.   2 seasons
IMS Pro Pegs, Pro Nerfs and Pro heel guards    
Aftermarket front and rear bumper    
Maier Plastics    
Custom BRM Off road graphics $200 2 races

22 wheels and tires. None are bald, most are 80% + tread life remaining.  See photo below.  Photo doesn't show the 4 that are currently on the quad.
5 front hyper beadlock wheels, one set of 3/2 offset, one set is 4/1 offset.  One spare in the narrow offset.
2 rear HD beadlock ITP wheels (these have slow leaks around the reinforcing ring, not the beadlock ring)
1 front rock out reinforced ring ITP wheel
Some stock wheels
The rest are ITP wheels. Might be a few DWT mixed in. There are no rear Hiper wheels.
February 2013 Images show how the quad will sell: 23" Maxxis Razr II front tires with Hiper Profills installed inside.  Hiper beadlock front wheels.  DWT red label rear wheels with Carslisle Badlands 6 ply 22" rear tires.

1 set of Hiper ProFills, foam inserts    
1 spare seat, foam, pan, etc    
1 spare bearing carrier, 1 spare axle    
spare tie rods from LSR    
spare heims, balljoints, sprockets etc.    
Spare swing arm skid    
Spare Motion Pro extended length throttle cables and clutch cables.  $120  
Spare new battery, might have 2 of these. $90  
spare left front oem headlight    
1 new in box aluminum body skid plate.    
Maier flush fit tail light works but the brake sensors are unplugged so it doesn't come on when you hit brakes, only on when headlights are on.    
The bad:  OEM right headlight is gone.  The plastics have a few seasons on them, they have the scratches to show it.  They look good with the new graphics on them.  Bumpers are also a few years old but powdercoat is fresh. Maier plastics are cracked where it holds the factory dashboard.  It is held together with zipties, works fine but doesn't look awesome.    
I have a Clarke screw top adapter for the tank.  I can sell the quad with the standard screw top or the dry break.    
Price is $8000 obo for everything.  email me if interested:    

Chrome moly frame pictures

Click here for the custom 5.25 gallon Raptor 700 alunimum fuel tank page

Tires and wheels included, February 2013 Image:

Dyno comparing the power we had back when we won V2R expert class compared to now.

IMG_1585.JPG IMG_1586.JPG IMG_1587.JPG IMG_1588.JPG IMG_1589.JPG IMG_1590.JPG IMG_1591.JPG
IMG_1592.JPG IMG_1593.JPG IMG_1594.JPG IMG_1595.JPG IMG_1596.JPG IMG_1597.JPG IMG_1598.JPG
IMG_1599.JPG IMG_1600.JPG IMG_1601.JPG IMG_1602.JPG IMG_1603.JPG IMG_1580.JPG IMG_1581.JPG
IMG_1582.JPG IMG_1583.JPG IMG_1584.JPG
Some parts not shown like spare sprockets, optional IMS dry break and whatever else I can find.

Feb 2013 pic

Feb 2013 pics of the problems.
Broken plastics where dash is held in.


Front bumper scratch.

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