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ATV Race Results and ATV Racing Stories, helmet cam footage and more.

2013 Season Race Stories and recaps.  If I wrote a story for the race the link can be found here.
Event Description Class Result
Upcoming Events
AZOP Kingman GP 9/15    
AZOP Tonalea / Red Lake, AZ 2 day event 10/11 - 10/12    
Completed Events
WORCS round 3 Havasu Open A 9th, 30+ A 5th.
AZOP Vidal, CA 4/7/13 Pro 1st
WORCS Round 3, Utah 4/20 Open A 3rd
WORCS Round 3, Utah 4/21 Pro Am 8th
AZOP Moto Grande 4/28/13 Pro 2nd
BITD SS 300 5/3 Pro 4th
AZOP Rocky Point Pro 2nd
GNCC Mountaineer Run, West Virginia 5/15 XC2 Pro Am, 17 of 23
AZOP Cinders Pro 3rd
BITD Vegas To Reno Pro 2nd
2012 Parker 250 Open Pro 8th, finished after time deadline

2012 Season Race Stories and recaps.  If I wrote a story for the race the link can be found here.
Event Description Class Result
Upcoming Events
AZ GP Series, Motogrande, 10/14/12 Pro Did not race
GNCC Amsoil Ironman, Crawfordsville, IN Pro? Did not race
AZ GP Cottonwood, 11/11/12 Open Pro Did not race
Completed Events
AZ GP Night Series, Peoria, 9/22/12 Team 1st
AZ GP Series, Cottonwood 9/1/12 Open Pro 3rd, Helmet Cam
BITD Vegas to Reno 8/16/12 Open Pro 6th
Desert Rivals Baja 175, El Paso, Texas, 7/2012 Open Pro 1st
Chupacabra 100, Gallup, NM, 7/2012 Open Pro

2nd, Results Sheet Helmet Cam

Speedworld Summer Team GP, 6/2012 Limited 1st
AZ GP Team race Tucson 5/26/12 Expert 1st, raced the Raptor for this one.
SCORE San Felipe 250 450 Pro 6th, joined another team for this one.
ADRA Desert Race #1, Speedworld Team 1st overall, 1st in class
AZ GP Series #1, Verde Valley Pro 3rd
2012 Parker 250 Pro DNF, broken engine lap 1

2011 Season Race Stories and recaps:
Event, with link to story. Class Result
Henderson 250 Expert 4th
WORCS Speedworld 30+ A 3rd
Cinder Mountain 100 Pro 2nd
Vegas To Reno Expert DNF
2011 Baja 500 Sportsmen 55A 4th, we finished!
BITD, Blue Water GP   Helmet Cam Expert 1st, Laptimes
BITD, Silver State 300 Expert 3rd
Parker 250, Big Bang Entertainment Team Expert DNF, blown engine
2011 San Felipe 250 Ironman story by James Woodford    

2010 Season Race Stories and recaps:
Event, with link to story. Class Result
Parker 250, Big Bang Entertainment Team Expert 2nd
Whiplash Speedworld GP Sr Pro 2nd
Whiplash Prescott Valley GP Sr Pro 3rd
BITD, Silver State 300, Helmet Cam, GPS Log Expert 3rd / DNF
BITD Blue Water GP Expert 4th
Whiplash Slick Rock 100 Sr Pro 1st
Whiplash Prescott 4th of July Sr Pro 2nd
Whiplash Cinders Sr Pro 3rd
BITD, Vegas to Reno  Helmet Cam Expert 1st
BITD Henderson 250 Expert 4th
2010 Best in the Desert Open Expert Team 2nd Place for the 2010 Season
2010 Whiplash Senior Pro, I was 2nd in points when I broke my back. DNF

2009 Season Race Stories and recaps:
Event, with link to story. Class Result
2009, Last race of Whiplash Season, Speedworld Lucas Oil Track Sr Pro 2nd
2009 Baja 1000, Pro Quad 101A, BIG STORY! Clas 24 Pro DNF
2009 Baja 1000 Pre Run Story    
2009 Whiplash, Firebird GP #4 - broken chain Sr Pro 5th
Grinding Stone GP Open Pro 2nd
2009 Whiplash, Firebird #3 Sr Pro 2nd
2009 Whiplash, Snowflake "The RACE" 9-6-09 Sr Pro 1st
2009 Whiplash, Cinders, 8-9-2009 Sr Pro 1st
2009 Whiplash, Page AZ Sr Pro 6th
2009 Baja 500, 6-6-2009 (Class Winners) Quad 58A Sportsmen ATV 1st
2009 Whiplash, Firebird Monster Truck Nationals, 4-26-2009 Sr Pro 4th
2009 Whiplash, Firebird Salt Lake GP, missed race with flu Sr Pro DNS
2009 Whiplash, Wickenburg 2-22-2009 Sr Pro 1st
2009 Whiplash, Lake Havasu 2-1-2009 Sr Pro 2nd
January, WORCS Speedworld (I hate arm pump) 30+ A 7th

Older Racing Stories:
I wrote all these stories a day or so after the race happened. I wrote these stories for my friends, so they are meant to be funny and sarcastic.
Event, with link to story. Class Result
2008, Whiplash Open Expert Season Champion    
Speedworld Xmas GP Team Race Expert 3rd
2008 Whiplash Final Race #9, Wickenburg Open Exp 1st
2008 Score Baja 1000, Big Race Story, Quad 9A Open Pro 7th
2008 Whiplash Race #8, Firebird #2 Open Exp 4th
Best in the Desert, Las Vegas 150 Ironman Amt 1st

2008 Whiplash Race #7, Ft McDowell #2

Open Exp 5th

2008 Whiplash Race #6, Snowflake- Most Expensive race Ever

Open Exp 6th

2008 Whiplash Race #3, Firebird, My first race in the Open Expert Class

Open Exp 5th

2008 Whiplash Race #2, Ft McDowell

Open Amt 1st

2008 Whiplash Season Opener, Vulture Mine 3-1-08

Open Amt 4th
2007, Whiplash Open Novice 2nd place overall.    
2007 Whiplash Season Opener, Vulture Mine, 2-19-07 Open Nov 2nd
2007 Whiplash Race #2, Page Open Nov 5th
2007 Whiplash Race #3, Firebird Open Nov 8th
2007 Whiplash Race #4, Ft. McDowell Open Nov 1st
2007 Whiplash Race 5, Cinder Mountain, blown engine Open Nov 29th
2007 Whiplash Race 6, Snowflake 100 Open Nov 2nd
2007 Whiplash Race 7, Page, AZ Open Nov 14th
2007 Whiplash Race 8, Fort McDowell #2 Open Nov 2nd
2007 Whiplash Race 9, Wickenburg Open Nov 9th
2nd Whiplash desert race, Page 2006 Open Nov 2nd
ITP Quadcross, Speedworld 2006 4stroke Beg 5th
My First desert race, Whiplash Snowflake 2006. First Timers 6th
My first race ever, Speedworld Motocross Beginner 3rd

My background story on ATV's and racing.

My Garmin GPS Heart Rate data log.  These links show my location, speed and heart rate during a 90 minute GP race in Arizona.  Pretty cool stuff!  These pages take a while to load.

2009 Baja 1000 Pre Run
Race 1, 2008
Race 2, 100 mile race in 2008, Heart rate strap wasn't working.

Tracks and racing in Arizona:
I wrote all this back in 2006:

There are quite a few tracks close to Phoenix for a full listing click here. I will post my impression of each track from a quad riders point of view here. Between the amx series and the monthly MX races that the tracks put on you could easily race every weekend if you wanted to.

ET Motopark- Hotline number- 480-926-6688. This track is closest to me so I consider it my home track. The entry fee is $25, I wish it were cheaper. On the weekends all 3 of their tracks are open this includes the pee-wee track, the north track ( I call it the quad track ) and the south track which is their large motocross track. The quad track is the very first mx track I ever rode.  It was a blast and I was hooked. It has several table tops, a double-double section and no whoops. It is great for learning and you usually don't have to worry about getting run over by a motorcycle because they stick to the big track. Their big track is also a lot of fun. There is a fun little step up alley oop type jump just after the starting line. There are some smaller pit jumps, a triple step up, some big table tops, a tunnel and some nice big turns. They are open most saturday and sundays and I believe tuesday night is open for quads, check their site for more info.

Speedworld- 623-546-1206. This track is quite a bit different than ET. It is a true national style track with long uphill jumps and lots of blind downhill landings. My first few laps I was very intimidated by the jumps but after a while I was doing pretty good. They also have a true MX style whoops section that will really beat you up. Speedworld is open quite a bit, check the site for practice dates. They also have a lot of events. I entered my first real race here during their beat the heat series in August of 2006. It was a lot of fun and the beginner quad class had a full gate of 24 racers. Speedworld also has a smaller MX2 track that I didn't get to ride and they have a short vintage track with some really fun bowl turns and little jumps. They also have sandrags now and flat track racing for quads, bikes and outlaw cars.

Whiplash Racing- This is an Arizona race series for racing on natural terrain in the desert or up north in the forrest. The races are quite long usually 4 laps with each lap lasting 15-30 miles. I did a practice session on their Snowflake, AZ course in August and it was a blast.  I look forward to entering some races in this series. They have classes for quads, bikes, rhinos, and trucks.

ITP Quadcross- This is a larger race series for motocrossing quads. I believe they make 2 stops in Arizona in 2006 and it should be fun.

WORCS Racing- This is another large race series for quads and motorcycles. They make 1 or 2 stops in AZ and the course is a combo of MX and desert racing.

Best in the Desert, BITD Racing- This is a huge racing series for a lot of the Baja 1000 type guys.

Arizona Motocross (AMX)- This is the organization that put on the beat the heat race that I participated in at Speedworld. They have classes for all skill levels and ages. I had a great time and it was my first event. Check out their schedule and maybe I will see you at a race.

How does my quad compare to others? (written when I had my 2005)
This topic seems to come up a lot because people want a bike that is fast. Whenever I end up at the dunes my friends and I inevitably end up drag racing up an down the sand highway. My bike really isn't that fast but here are some results.

My bike ( 05 TRX450R- filter, 180jet, muffler cap) vs DS650. My friend has a Bombardier DS650. We raced several times and he starts to pull on me in 3rd gear, it could be that I weigh 210 and he weighs 140 soaking weight, who knows.

My bike (05 TRX450R- filter, 180jet, muffler cap) vs Stock 06 450R. After I bought my TRX my dad went out and got an 06 version.  They have more power stock, how much more? My bike with minor bolts o ons is a direct match for his bike. With an equally weight friend on the 06 we are dead even. Then we swapped bikes and had the same result.

My bike (05 TRX450R- filter, 180jet, muffler cap vs 06 450R with HRC kit. This isn't much of a race. The HRC kit really makes the 06 scream. I have seen dyno charts in the high 40's with just the HRC kit, whereas my bike probably makes 35hp.

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