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Trent Kendall Racing Resume (pdf format)

Kendall Racing is a subsidiary of which was launched in 2002 by Trent Kendall to promote drag racing events, dyno days and car shows.  The Kendall Racing quad racing adventures were first documented on the godfatheracing website in 2006.  The official Kendall Racing website was launched in December of 2008 to document and track the Kendall Quad Racing team.

The Kendall Racing Team

(photo taken at Baja 1000 while racing for the All Fays Racing Team)

Trent Kendall- That is me in the orange. I do the racing, write all of the stories, and manage this webpage.  I always wear Onoxious Orange race gear on race day so if you see me say Hi.  I started racing in 2006 and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  In 2007 I was in the Open novice class where I took 2nd overall.  Then I moved to Open Expert and won the championship and then Senior Pro where I won the Championship. During the day I am an IT Project Manager and Business Analyst in Phoenix, Arizona.

LaVar Kendall- (3rd from left)  My dad, he  has attended almost every race since I started racing and he helps me prep the quads, pit stops, driving, camping and everything else.  Without him I couldn't do any of this.  He also practices with me at the Speedworld motocross track and he rides a 2007 Honda TRX 450R with JD Performance A-arms, GT Thunder shocks, FASST Flex bars, quadtech desert seat, and HRC kit.  He is also a mean dune ride leader. Someday he will race in the 50+ class in Whiplash.

Adam Barnes- (4th from left)  Adam is my good friend and he has attended every race since the beginning and he helps with everything.  Adam trains Muay Thai with me and he goes on most of the pre running rides using my spare 2005 TRX 450R that I used to race that has now become his.  Adam has started racing recently and he is a team rider for Kendall Racing.

Jeremy Lovett- (1st on left)  Jeremy jumped on board for the last minute Baja 1000 trip and he was a tremendous help with logistics and tracking.  I hope to have him attend more races in 2009.

Nick Steinman- I have teamed up with Nick for a few races including when we won the Sportsmen ATV class at the 2009 Baja 500.  We are racing together in the Pro class for the entire 2012 BITD season.

Joe Ramos- I raced with Joe for the 2010 and 2011 BITD season with Ken George in the Expert class.  We pre run and race together a lot.

Beshaw Off-Road Racing (BOR)- Larry Beshaw of BOR Racing has been helping us since the beginning.  He has been desert racing almost as long as I have been alive so his experience is extremely helpful.  He helps with bike prep, engine work, and pitting.  Check out his website if you need any work done!

The Kendall Racing team has a few other members who help us including KMS Performance, Nick Desjardins, Chris Wilson, Brian Eisele, David Hash, my mom Alison Kendall and my wife Jolea Shuler.  We also work with and appreciate the support from other teams such as RSD Racing, XX Army, Eliminator Racing, and Neidhart Racing.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us!

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