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Videos: Visit my youtube page for all of my videos posted after 2011.

Helmet Cam Footage by: Vholdr Contour HD Helmet Camera

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Feb 2012 ADRA Race:

2011 Baja 500 Helmet cam, me getting passed by Trophy Trucks:

Same video edited down to 5 minutes just showing the passes:

2009 Baja 500 Pre run
2009 Baja 500 Pre run, Adam rolls down a dune
2009 Baja 1000 Pre Run helmet cam:  Video 1Video 2 Video 3Video 4
2009 Baja 1000 Race, night time, Pro Quad 101A, segement 1
2009 Baja 1000 Race, night time, Pro Quad 101A, segement 2
2009 Baja 1000 Race, night time, Pro Quad 101A, segement 3
2009 Whiplash Speedworld GP
2010 Whiplash Prescott Valley GP
2010 Firebird MX, March Helmet Cam
2010 Riding Around on tight desert trails Helmet Cam 1
2010 Riding Around on tight desert trails Helmet Cam 2
2010 Riding Around on tight desert trails Helmet Cam 3
2010 Drag Racing for fun
2010 Silver State 300: Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5 Engine blows up.
2010: May 8th at Speedworld MX

Kendall Racing Test Track- These videos taken at the mini track.
   Helmet Cam 1- Helmet cam footage aboard the crf50 mini bike. Feb 2009
   Helmet cam 2- Short helmet cam vid on the quad. Feb 2009
   Quad Video- Feb 2009 Quad footage of the new whoops section.
   Whoops Video- Footage right after we built the whoops way too big.  Feb 2009
   Mini Vid- Footage on the mini bike, Adam wipes out, Jan 2009
   Step up- New step up, April 2009
   One Lap Helmet Cam- March 2010

2009 Parker 250: Eric's helmet cam footage from his crash from the 2009 Parker 250.  Ouch.

2008 Baja 1000: One of the spectators at the baja 1000 posted a clip on youtube and I am in it.  It was really lucky to find this clip on youtube.  Thanks to Adam for finding it.  It was taken near the Borrego pits at race mile 270.  Thanks to Manuel for posting it!

2008 Whiplash Grinding Stone Race: October 2008, I got 5th in this race.

Some really old videos.  I posted these videos in 2006 when I first started going to the track.
Please right click these videos and choose "save target as":

Video 1 - My first time on any track. This time it was ET Motopark, on their north (easier) track. I could not believe how tiring it was, I even workout my legs about 1x per week in the gym!  I could only do 2-3 laps and I was winded. By the end of the day I was almost clearing the front table top, which is about the smallest jump on the track. My legs were sore for 4 days following this trip. I even workout my legs about 1x per week in the gym! The suspension on the bike is stock and the other mods are an air filter, muffler cap and carb jet. I had adjusted the suspension so that there is zero preload on the rear shock and maybe 2 threads of preload on the front.

Video 2 - 3 weeks later. This video is taken at ET Motoparks's south track. This is their larger more difficult track. The time frame between the first vid and this one is 3 weeks. This was my 4th time to the track. As you can see I improved a great deal. On this trip I was able to clear the 55ft tabletop on the backside of the track and the start/finish tabletop. It was a lot of fun and I was hooked. The bike is still in the same shape as the first video. However I did add a little bit of compression and I took almost all of the rebound out of the front shocks. It seemed to help. As you can see I have also upgraded my safety gear. Read more in the gear section.


2009 Baja 1000 Race Photos: From DGP

2009 Baja 1000 Pre Run Photos:  From DGP Photo   From Me

Some pics of the 2006 450R when I first built it in 2008.  Click here.

2010 Racing


2009 Racing

2009 Season Race Photos By DGP Photography

May 2009 Rebuild, new LSR race frame info here.

New graphics for 2009 Season:


2008 Racing

These 4 photos are from DGP photography, they are HQ 1280 pixels wide.



Wickenburg December 2008 by Lagrand Studios:

My Daughter Mavity:


After I won the 2008 championship in December of 2008 at Vulture Mine:


Baja 2008 Photos, some by Kendall Racing others by Michelle at akagroupshots

The awesome KFX450 race beast.  The team at SCORE contigency day before the race, and prepping the night before:


Getting ready to run my section with my chase team, Jeremy Lovett, Me, my dad LaVar, and Adam Barnes:


The finish line:

The Cinders 2008 by Adam Barnes

Firebird 2008 by David Hash and Eric Neidhart:


The 2008 Las Vegas 150 with my dad and Adam.


March 2008, 1st race of the year.



Random Pic, LT A-arms with one LT shock and one stock shock. The LT shock side is resting on the ground,
the standard size is hanging 1 foot in the air.


Before the Whiplash Page 2006 race:Right after the completion of a 3 hour race:

Award presentations:

Racing Photos from (site now suspended) and







My old 2005 at ET Motopark in 2006:



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