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2013 Season Race Sponsors:
I am extremely grateful to have these excellent companies sponsoring me.  I utilized many of the companies' products prior to 2011 so it means a lot to me that they are supporting my race program.  If you are interested in becoming a Kendall Racing sponsor please email Trent.

Motowoz Shocks (since 2008)
I purchased a set of Motowoz Shocks in the middle of 2007 when I was building my 2006 Honda into a race machine.  Jim was extremely helpful and answered all my questions prior to ordering.  He also worked with me to do some custom modifications to the shocks at no charge.  For 2008 Jim offered to help support my racing and I took him on his offer.  With the aid of his shocks and expertise I was able to win the 2008 Expert class season championship and 2009 Sr Pro Championship.

Halfway through the 2009 Season Jim finally talked me into trying one of his custom built long travel rear shocks along with a Teixeira Tech Long Travel linkage.  I was skeptical because I felt my stock revalve rear shock was doing fine for me, but I was wrong.  The long travel rear setup really made a big difference in the handling of my quad.  The rear end bucking is non existent now and the way the rear handles sharp edged bumps is really fantastic.

We were scheduled to race my friend Raptor 700 for the 2010 Parker 250 but at the last minute we decided to use my Honda instead.  My other two team mates have been racing for several years and they only had 15 minutes seat time on my quad prior to the 250 mile race.  After the race they were very impressed with the suspension.  After the race we decided to use my quad for the rest of the Best in the Desert season.  I asked them to send me their thoughts and here they are:

Joe Ramos
"Well Trent, I did not recognize the name from any of the big names, but within a few quick miles I noticed that the Motowoz suspension reacted exactly the same on the big rollers or the square edged stuff fast or slow it never got stiff but at the same time I never bottomed it out, it was so predictable and consistent I got very confident and trusted it very quickly after only a few miles on a bike I had less than 5 minutes on , If I had to find anything negative about it , I would have to say that the front was “faster” than the rear but it might have been due to other issues like the Broken swing arm bolt , bent swing arm skid plate, loose hubs or different rider preference , and I notice after 85 miles I felt way less tired than I normally feel on my stock machine even after only 40-50 mile races. Tell him thanks from me for a much safer quad.'

Ken George:
"The 2010 Parker 250 had the roughest sections of race course I've ever ridden, but the Motowoz shocks soaked everything up nicely and still gave the #411 Honda plenty of ground clearance. I was surprised at how quickly and easily I got over the rocks, boulders, ruts and square edges. I saw plenty of guys exhausted after getting off their quads, but I felt great after my 53 miles. I was very impressed by the Mototwz shocks, and I'm looking forward to our next race!"

Lone Star Racing (LSR) (2010)
I was lucky enough to pickup a sponsorship from these guys for 2010.  I already use a lot of their parts and I am happy to have them on board.  In 2009 I used their custom honda frame, fender repair kit, rear seat latch, bearing carrier, brake caliper mount, anti fade locknut and my practice quad uses their steering stem and clamp.  I am especially impressed by their rear seat latch.  In the final race of the 2009 season it saved my race and my season because the front of my seat came loose and the rear seat latch held the seat on for the entire race enabling me to win the season championship by only 2 points.
For 2011 I am using their new DC Pro Steering stem and the DC Pro rear axle. I also switched to DC Pro A-arms and the difference was immediate and awesome.  The first turn I hit I couldn't believe how much better it turned, I could pick virtually any line, where as my old setup pushed badly.  A++ on the DC Pro A-arms!

KMS Performance (since 2011)
I started working with Kelly at KMS in 2011 as a member of the Big Bang Desert racing team on the Raptor 700. Kelly rebuilt the engine and got a lot of power out of it. We worked out a deal for 2012 to keep racing the Raptor and I have been hanging out at his shop ever since. Kelly is extremely knowledgeable and doesn't bullshit anyone.  If you want it to run right and make big power just do what he says.  Our Raptor was making 73 rwhp and did 101 mph at the Henderson 250 in Dec 2011.  For 2012 we got it to 75 rwhp but it was too much power for the engine cases and they cracked during the 2012 Parker 250.  He gussetted the cases and we completed the 550 mile 2012 Vegas to Reno race, placing 6th in the pro class.

Kelly also completely engineered the fuel system and tank on our Raptor.  It holds 5 gallons and uses a car fuel pump, regular and filters.  It has survived everything we have thrown at it.  He is always working on some crazy project like a engineering his own turbo kit for a RZR and making over 130 rwhp, or revamping the intake system on a Procharged RZR and nearly doubling the power output.

FASST Company (since 2008)
I think just about everyone knows who FASST Company is.  They are the makers of the world finest handlebars the FLEXX bars.  I bought my Flexx bars in 2007 and I love them.  After 4 full seasons of racing they are still going strong and I recommend a set of these bars to anyone who rides not just racers.

DGP Photography (since 2008)
David G Pyles Photography has been the Whiplash series photographer for about 2 years now and he does a great job.  He is also extremely friendly and willing to help anyone at anytime.  If you need any race photos check him out.  He will also be attending more BITD races this year and he covers a lot of local road racing.
Dave accompanied me on many of my trips in 2009 and it was great having him around and taking great photos.  He is very committed to this sport.

Beshaw Off-Road Racing (BOR)
Larry at Beshaw Racing  has been helping me modify my quads since I started racing.  He is always extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  Larry is also the head sweep rider for Whiplash Racing.  Larry has rebuilt my transmissions, engines, helped assemble my quad, installed axles, suspension and more.

Kendall Building Contractors
Based out of Wickenburg, Arizona this licensed general contractor (my dad) has been in business for over 25 years.  If you have any construction needs, concrete, block, new house, remodel, etc. please email me.

Dirt Fiend Racing DFR (2008)
I first met the guys at DFR when I bought my 2005 Honda 450R in November of 2005.  Their shop was located just up the street from my house and I had heard a lot of good things about them from the internet forums.  Rudy has been helping me ever since with parts, tech help and general advice.  He is an ex pro racer and current Pro level Team Manager.  DFR built my race engine halfway through the 2008 season and the engine held strong through the season and it makes plenty of power.
In Dec of 2009 DFR added a dyno to their shop.  If you need any tuning check them out.  I had my quads dyno'd with the air fuel sensor and Rudy's jetting was right on, I didn't need to make any changes, so it turns out Rudy really didn't need the A:F sensor. :)

I worked with Rudy at DFR a lot in 2009 and I have to say he is one of the nicest and most knowledgeable people I have met in this industry.  His ability to explain complicated things and not get frustrated by others lack of brain power is incredible.  I don't know how he does it.  If you need anything ATV related I highly recommend him.  He has seen and done nearly everything and he knows what works and what doesn't.

Previous Sponsors
These companies sponsored me in the past and here is the feedback I have on them.

EVS Sports
Another sponsor gained through Hookit.  My sponsorship doesn't officially begin until 2011 but they were kind enough to honor the sponsor discount and ship me a new chest protector on short notice for this years Vegas to Reno Race.  I am using their Flux chest protector and I like the way it feels, it doesn't feel like I am wearing a chest protector.  Another brand protector I had really dug into my shoulders, this one doesn't.  Also the straps on this one look like they will not break apart from the chest protector like my old, other brand one did.

These guys don't sponsor me but they did warranty a torn 3 year old seat cover, no questions asked.  It was tearing apart at the seams and they sent me a free replacement!  Awesome customer service.  A+

I first purchased a set of BRM OFF ROAD graphics and number plates for the 2008 season.  I have been extremely happy with their quality and their customer service so I was excited when they agreed to sponsor me for 2009.  Their graphics are very nice.   I am also running their graphics for 2012 on our BITD Raptor.

Contour HD Wearable Cameras (2010)
These guys were nice enough to sponsor me towards the end of 2009 and I am very excited about it.  I have always wanted a helmet cam to record all of my races and the  Vholdr Contour HD is the best camera on the market.  The HD quality is amazing and the camera is very easy to use.  I am using an 8GB card which will record 4 hours of HD footage!  Their camera also has a laser aiming system to help you aim the camera.  My helmet cam footage is posted in my race results stories and on the multimedia page. (2008-2011)
This is the largest turbocharging site on the internet.  I started the site in 2001 and the contacts I have made through that site have helped me with this racing program.

Dunlop ATV Tires
I got hooked up with these guys through I haven't had a chance to try their new tires because I have had all desert races recently but I will be using their 20" tires for all of my short course and GP races.

JD Performance (2008-2010)
I have been using JD Performance A-arms since I first started modifying my 2005 TRX450R at the beginning of 2006.  I then bought a set of long travel arms for my current 2006 TRX450R and my dad is running a set of these arms on his 2007 450R.  I was drawn to these arms because of their excellent reputation and Dave's ability to answer my questions and provide tech insight each time I call.  I am also using a JD Performance steering stem on my race quad.  I also like these arms because of how easy it is to adjust the caster and camber compared to other arms.

GT Thunder
I started dealing with Lasarus Sommers at GT Thunder when I ordered a set of shocks for my 2005 honda back when I ordered my first set of JD Performance A-arms.  For the 2006 and 2007 season I ran GT Thunder revalved and resprung stock shocks on my Honda and I was able to take 2nd place overall for the season.  Laz is a very intelligent person and it is good to have his advice when setting up my suspension.  For the championship winning 2008 season I used a GT Thunder revalved and resprung stock rear shock with the GT Thunder high flow piston upgrade and GT Thunder MX rear linkage.  My 2005 Honda is still using GT Thunder shocks all around.  My friend and race team member Adam Barnes rides the 2005 Honda all the time and the shocks work great.  I feel that when you reach a high level of competition a set of custom built aftermarket shocks are better for racing.


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