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The Raptor 700 build with KMS Performance (Parted out in 2013)

Click here for the custom 5.25 gallon Raptor 700 alunimum fuel tank page


For 2012 we have teamed up with KMS performance to transform our BITD Expert Race winning Raptor 700 into a Pro level monster.  KMS is known for building engines that produce huge horsepower either with the help of a turbo or naturally aspirated.  They are well known in the Side x Side and Sand Drag community.  We are going out to prove that KMS's builds not only make huge power but are very reliable.  All of our races are 150-600 miles long.

For the 2011 Henderson 250 Kelly at KMS put together a little build that made over 70 rear wheel horsepower (RWHP) and it propelled this tank to 101 mph during the race!  Here is a photo of the GPS
The race build for 2012 will be even more potent. KMS also had metal tech redo the entire square aluminum middle section of the frame in chrome moly to withstand our abuse.  Chrome moly fram

Update 9-18-2014: If you'd like to purchase your own Raptor gas tank please visit the WARP Off Road Website here.

Update 9-7-2012: I wanted to update everyone now that we have many more hours on the Raptor.  I can officially say that fuel tank and KMS fuel system are 100% proven.  We have a lot of testing and race hours on this setup and we haven't had a single issue with it.  We did have issues with the fuel filter clogging and then overheating the pump when the pump was inside the custom tank, but now that everything is external we have had zero issues.  For a non racer I think the in tank system is fine with the KMS revised oversize fuel filter sock.  Also everyone said the aluminum tank would never with stand the abuse of racing, so far we have had zero issues with it and we have well over 1000 race miles on it.  If you want an oversized Yamaha Raptor fuel tank call Tyler at Metal Tech and he will make one like ours for you.  Tyler: 623-915-9856.  Tell him KMS or Trent sent you.  It bolts on with all the factory grommets and hardware.  You will have to cut up your front plastics.

KMS builds a helluva an engine.  During testing we were overheating and it turned out to be a bad fan and it never hurt the engine, even as we raced it with a broken fan.  For Vegas to reno we were running 72 rwhp and our top speed was 90mph.  Our raptor weighs a lot so that is impressive.  Tyler at Metal Tech also fabricated our 100% custom chrome moly center frame.  The OEM frame was too cracked and worn out so Tyler made a custom one from scratch.  It is pretty awesome.

Completed Photos prior to the BITD Parker 250 in January 2012:

April 2012, after the Orange Treatment.

Here is the Raptor 700 in the trim we used to win the 2010 Vegas to Reno race in the Expert class.  To step up to the Pro division we are adding more horsepower and a better chassis with the help of KMS Perofmance.

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